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About Us

For the finest antiques and art in Canada, The Canadian Antique Dealers Association is dedicated to safeguarding the purchaser of antiques in Canada. The sign of the Association's golden beaver on a store window or in a display is assurance that the customer's invoice will contain a fair description of the article sold and that the dealer is pledged to adhere to high ethical standards. Make sure the next antique you purchase is from a member of The Canadian Antique Dealers Association.

L'Association des Antiquaires du Canada s'est donnée pour but de protéger dans leurs achats les collectionneurs d'antiquités à travers le pays. L'emblème du castor doré dans la vitrine d'un magasin signifie que le client peut acheter en toute confiance, que sa facture contiendra une description exacte d l'article acheté; il signifie aussi que l'antiquaire se doit d'observer l'intégrité à laquelle le client est en droit de s'attendre. L'Association vous invite cordialement à rendre visite aux magasins de ses membres à travers le Canada.


This Code of Conduct provides uniform rules of conduct by which each member of The Association will govern him/herself in carrying on his/her business as an antique dealer.


In this Code, unless otherwise specifically stated, the following terms mean:


The Canadian Antique Dealers Association.


An individual, corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship that is a Member of and Associate Member in good standing of The Association.

Board of Directors

The members of The Association who are from time to time acting as The Board of Directors of The Association.

Board of Arbitration

The body established from time to time by The Board of Directors of The Association pursuant to the by-laws of The Association.


An object which was manufactured more than one hundred years prior to the date on which it is offered for sale and which is in substantially the same condition as when originally made and has not at any time been added to or altered to any material extent except for the purpose of necessary repair/restoration.


A Member will at all times conduct his/her business in a businesslike and professional manner.


A member shall provide each of his/her customers with an invoice containing a fair description of the article purchased. Any article offered for sale by a Member is to be deemed to be represented by the member to be an antique, unless there is a clear indication to the contrary. In the event that a dispute or misunderstanding arises between a member and his/her customer, the customer may submit the dispute or misunderstanding in writing to The Board of Directors and request that a Board of Arbitration be appointed for the purpose of resolving the dispute or misunderstanding.


A Member shall always be mindful of his/her responsibilities toward The Association and on all occasions shall act in a manner which will enhance the image of The Association. A Memeber shall not use the name of The Association or any trademark which is the property of The Association, other than for normal business practises, without the written consent of The Board of Directors. A Member shall not lend his/her name or his/her services to any activity which he/she knows, or which a reasonably prudent person would believe to be, unlawful.